Two Design Collabs You Need To Know About

I love a good designer collaboration!  Some retailers are masters at bringing coveted designer pieces to the masses.  Target is still the leader in both fashion and home collaborations.  Have you seen the recent Victoria Beckham collab?  Below are a few pieces I am loving:

mint dress, black top, blush dress, black and white sweater, gingham top

Collabs give access to great design at a price point that it palatable.  Sure, one can find knock-offs of most designer pieces, but great design always has at least one or two high quality (usually pricey) pieces mixed in.  Higher quality pieces will also serve to elevate the budget-friendly pieces in a space.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know how much I love the retailer Lulu and Georgia.  (If you don’t follow me but would like to, you can find me here and here).  Lulu and Georgia caters to the fashion forward, trend driven consumer.  This retailer has well made furniture and on trend accessories.  They have recently partnered with two designers that I absolutely love:  Kelly Hoppen and Jonathan Adler.

These two designers are supremely talented; yet, their aesthetics could not be more different.  Both designers have greatly influenced me and helped shape who I am as a designer.  Kelly Hoppen taught me the importance of texture and balance, and Jonathan Adler taught me how to weave color stories into my spaces through the use of fabric.

Kelly Hoppen is a self-taught designer whose designs posses a far east influence.  She favors large scale furniture pieces in organic materials using a neutral palette.  Her furniture is masculine; however, the materials and color palette are lush, very tactile and decidedly feminine.

In contrast, Jonathan Adler is all about the drama.  He started his career in ceramics as a pottery designer.  His designs are bold, colorful and full of whimsy.  He uses a lot of vinyls, Lucite, ceramics (naturally) and tons of color.

Below, are a couple of my favorite rooms by both designers:

Below, are some pieces from each designer’s line for Lulu and Georgia:

black accent table, cocktail table, chair, wood side table, stool

And………if that wasn’t enough, here are some more great pieces:

Chair, chandelier, chaise

Not everyone can afford to use a designer.  There is no doubt that it is a luxury service.  North Of Chic was born out of the desire to inspire, inform and guide all those who love to look at, read about and create beautiful interiors, without having to hire a designer.  I love to share my vision and resources to help you on your design journey.

Using designer pieces is a great way to add high style to one’s room; however, copying a designer’s look robs one of his or her creativity and pride in creating a special space.  Although I have many designers I admire, I NEVER “copy” any of their looks.  Be unique in your approach. Ultimately, great design is creating a space that feels good to be in (for you).   Begin every design concept by asking yourself, “how would I like this space to feel?”.  The design will flow from that feeling.



Stocked & Styled!…..Bar Cart Essentials

Can we all agree that drinking is FUN?  I mean really, is there an activity that doesn’t become more enjoyable as soon as alcohol is added? The befittingly named ‘Happy Hour’ is just that, an hour of happiness and fun.  The resurgence of the chic bar cart got me to thinking about all of the reasons why we drink:  we drink to unwind, to socialize, and because we damn deserve it!

The bar cart dates back to the 1940’s.  After prohibition ended there was no longer a need to imbibe in secret.  During the next decade people often entertained at home.  They loved the convenience of this mobile bar; they could serve their guests, while still mingling. There is a definite function for this hostess on wheels. So, let us discuss its form;  shall we? To recap, here are a couple of my favorite bar carts:

Choosing a bar cart with wheels is essential;  this caddy must be mobile. There should be ample space to house all the essentials. There are quite a few things needed for a well stocked cart, therefore, ample surface space will save you time running back and forth getting fixings. The cart’s material should be sturdy and easily cleaned.  Copious bottles of liquid can be heavy and messy.  A cart made of metal or glass will be essential in keeping your bottles safe and your cart clean.

In my last post on things you can quickly add to your home to up the chic factor, the bar cart was my first recommendation. Therefore, I can’t advise you to purchase a chic cocktail caddy without helping you to style it.

Here are your bar cart essentials:

Emmie Decanter, Tory Burch Candle, Cornelia Bowl, Hexagon Bottle Opener, Newport Ice Bucket, Deco BarwareGeo Bottle Stoppers, Rosy Glow Flute, Hampton Street Rosebowl vase, Art Deco Barware, Monogrammed AcrylicServing Tray

Below, are a couple of cocktail recipes that are crowd pleasers and my personal favorites:

Now that you have your bar styled, let’s get it stocked.  Let’s start with the alcohol:

Here are some great mixers:


 This cocktail below is my go-to drink.  This is the one you will see me with most of the time:

No Hangover Vodka Club (I like to add two limes for extra flavor)

Tides Beach Club in Kennebunkport, Maine is one of my FAVORITE places.  I love everything about this quaint beachfront Victorian hotel (it was also decorated by one of my favorite designers, Jonathan Adler). Everything about this place is amazing!  It is low key, yet uber chic!  The lobby bar is fantastic people watching.  They also have the MOST amazing cocktails!

Tides Beach Club, Kennebunkport, ME

Tides Beach Club, Kennebunkport, ME

Tides Beach Club Lobby

Tides Beach Club Lobby

Below, is the recipe for one of my favorite of their cocktails:

I hope you have as much fun reading this post as I had writing it. Hopefully, stocking and styling your bar cart just got a little easier. Let me know what you think of the cocktails listed.

Thanks for reading!

XO Laurie


How To Have A CHIC Home Instantly…….ONLY 3 Items Needed!!

It is usually the small things in the right places that give one that extra touch of style and chicness.  It is the string of pearls, the diamond studs, the addition of truffle oil or champagne, that will take things from good to great. Every so often our home needs the same boost.

There are really only a handful of items that can immediately up the chic factor of any space.  When a small but impactful update is in order, these three items will be all you need!


Veanne Bar Cart, Misha Bar Cart, Jacques Bar Cart, Vince Bar Cart, Gerard Bar Cart

Check out this chic outdoor bar cart

Horchow Tamsin Chinoiserie Bar Cart $795

Horchow Tamsin Chinoiserie Bar Cart $795

This bar cart is my favorite; it is stocked, styled and ready to go!

Image Via Elle Decor -Nicole Gibbons

Image Via Elle Decor -Nicole Gibbons


People usually think to add unique lighting in the kitchen.  However, I feel that pendant lights and chandeliers make an even bigger impact in more unexpected areas like the living room or hallway. Here are a few that have major style.

 Roxbury Pendant, Crystal Drop Pendant, Lucia Semi Flush Mount, Olive Leaf Pendant

Image via Coastal Style

Image via Coastal Style

Don’t have an electrician on speed dial?  Here are some table lamps that will also do the trick.

Lamps I Love:

Madison Crystal Lamp, Ripley Geometric Lamp, Diamond Omega Table Lamp, Alexis Lamp, Loring Table Lamp


I love the use of mirrors for so many reasons.  They are the design equivalent of Houdini.  They can give the illusion that a space is larger, ceilings are taller, rooms are brighter and make a space look as though there are more windows than there actually are.  Without a doubt, mirrors are a designer’s best and most used tool.

Petal Mirror, Frederick Wall Mirror, Evie Geo Mirror, Cassia Mirror, Studded Mirror

My favorite:

Quatrefoil Mirror $347

Quatrefoil Mirror $347

These mirrors below not only make a statement, they serve to balance out a wall with a single window!

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Napoleon Hill said “If you can not do great things, then do small things in a great way”.  I hope this post inspires you to the make small, impactful additions that will elevate and revitalize your home.

Thanks for reading!

XO Laurie

Spring 2016 Style Preview! The Fashion-Home Design Connection

Historically, home design follows fashion.  However, the converse is also true.  Fashion designers often proclaim that architecture and interiors serve as their inspiration, and I can personally attest to having found design inspiration from a beautiful or unique piece of clothing.  Below, I will illustrate the parallels that can be found in fashion and home design.  Here are some key trends for Spring 2016:

Blush tones for home

  1.  It is no surprise that soft pastel colors take the spotlight as Spring draws near.  One can argue that both fashion and home design take its cues from nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that as nature’s palette of colors expands and the trees and flowers begin to bloom that fashion and home decor follow suit.  Of all the pastel colors that have been highlighted for Spring 2016, Blush is the “IT” color.  Blush has long been a favorite color of mine.  This soft pink works on every skin tone.  Everyone looks healthier when wearing blush tones.  It is soft, chic and understated.  The same can be said when using blush in one’s home.  This color serves as a perfect complement to almost any color.
Image via Style Me Pretty - Design by Anne Hepfner

Image via Style Me Pretty – Design by Anne Hepfner

2.  Mixing Stripes and Floral

This is a classic mix.  This mix is fun,preppy and will always look chic.  There is no one who does this look better than Ralph Lauren.  Below, I love this wide stripe rug from Lulu and Georgia paired with a classic Louis dining chair in a modern floral from Ballard Design.


Floral and Stripe Dining Room - Image via BHG

Floral and Stripe Dining Room – Image via BHG


Texture is IN

3. In the image below, Christian Dior mixes a chunky knit sweater in pastel blue with white delicate, scalloped sheer shorts.  The pillow from Williams Sonoma Home beautifully mixes lush velvet with a leather croc banding.

Jonathan Adler is a master at mixing textures and prints. Below, he artfully mixes grasscloth wallpaper with mirrored furniture, which he then pairs with his soft Maxime lounge chair.

Jonathan Adler Delphine Bar $2995 and Maxime Lounge Chair $2250

Jonathan Adler Delphine Bar $2995 and Maxime Lounge Chair $2250

White HOT!!

4. Is there ever a Spring where white is not in?  This color signifies purity, innocence and new beginnings.  A fresh update this year on the runway is seeing all white looks for evening.  This trend lends itself seamlessly to home design, and unlike its fashion counterpart, an all white room is always stylish (see my post here on this topic).

Photo via Pinterest - My Domaine/Every Girl

Photo via Pinterest – My Domaine/Every Girl


5. Adding metallics to your space is like adding jewelry to your outfit.  Jewelry adds the finishing touch to every outfit.  No one did jewelry like Elizabeth Taylor.  She was quoted as saying “Big Girls need big diamonds”.  She understood the importance of sparkle.  Metallics add life and dimension to a room.  EVERY room needs to have metals in them.

On the runway this Spring, silver held just a little more of the spotlight than the other metals.  However, every shade was represented.  In the room below, bronze and gold add depth and drama to this dining room. I love the gold dining table.

Image via Elle Decor

Image via Elle Decor

I hope you enjoyed this post.  The trends that I highlighted from Spring 2016 were among my favorites.  Let me know what trends you are loving for Spring.

Thanks for reading!

XO Laurie

Designer Decor for LESS! – HUGE Savings on Designer Knock Offs!

You have slaved over putting together a room in your house.  You are almost done.  You find the PERFECT piece that will be the finishing touch to your room.  However, that perfect piece is a lot more than you wanted to spend, and will put you over your budget!  You have been patiently waiting for it to go on sale.  What to do?  Find the PERFECT replica, for MUCH less!

I’m not going to lie, it takes a lot of time and effort to search for replicas.  However, it is all worth it when you find that perfect piece!  Here are some amazing designer knock offs that give you that high end designer look, for a fraction of the price.

I have always loved the Parson Table.  This design was designed by Jean-Michel Frank in the 1930’s.  It is as relevant today as it was then.  This is truly a modern classic! In my original post, Pier 1 had a great table for under $500!  Sadly, this is no longer available.  Here is another great alternative from Zinc Door.

This gold and marble cocktail table is of perfect size and proportion.  The geometric detail adds a lot of visual interest.  The table from Overstock is a great find!

I LOVE mirrored furniture.  It reflects light beautifully, and adds just the right amount of sparkle to a room.  This piece would look great in a dining room or bedroom.


Below are nickel plated console tables.  Glass tables are a great way to add furniture without taking up a lot of visual space.  Great for smaller spaces.

There is something very chic about Zinc.  It has a great looking patina that looks rustic, yet refined.  This could serve as a console or desk.  Add a lamp with a shiny finish, and your are good to go!

Unless a throw is made of cashmere or fur, it should not cost $300.  I’m sorry, but that is absurd!  This cotton throw from target is a great find and comes in many other colors.  Since a lot of designers farm out their production to factories overseas, there is a good chance this was even made in the same factory.

This is a really stylish headboard.  The nail head detail adds a lot of interest and gives it a special look.  With the $1200 you save, you could buy some high thread count sheets and a nice duvet 🙂

I am a sucker for interesting looking accessories.  These metal spheres add so much interest and style.  Add them to a bookcase, inside your kitchen glass cabinets or on top of a stack of books on your cocktail table.

I could spend all day posting these design hacks!  There are so many great deals to be found.  There are some things I feel are worth the price and are truly an investment (a great sofa is one of these things), and somethings that are worth taking the time to find a cheaper alternative.  We no longer buy heirloom furniture.  Most of us do not want to have our furniture for 40 years, to later pass on to our children.  Therefore, we are not looking to spend a small fortune on each piece.

My philosophy always (whether it is furniture, clothes, shoes or purses) is to buy the best you can afford.  But, be selective.  In my opinion, I would rather invest in great kitchen cabinetry that is crafted of superior material and will withstand the wear and tear of many years of use, than on a $15,000 dining room set that I will be sick of in 5 years.  The best rooms are the rooms with a few high end pieces and a few design hacks. I’m warning you though, the hunt becomes just as fun and addictive as the savings!!

Hope you enjoyed this post on designer replicas.  Let me know if you have found any great knockoffs that you want to share.

xo Laurie