I love a good designer collaboration!  Some retailers are masters at bringing coveted designer pieces to the masses.  Target is still the leader in both fashion and home collaborations.  Have you seen the recent Victoria Beckham collab?  Below are a few pieces I am loving:

mint dress, black top, blush dress, black and white sweater, gingham top

Collabs give access to great design at a price point that it palatable.  Sure, one can find knock-offs of most designer pieces, but great design always has at least one or two high quality (usually pricey) pieces mixed in.  Higher quality pieces will also serve to elevate the budget-friendly pieces in a space.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know how much I love the retailer Lulu and Georgia.  (If you don’t follow me but would like to, you can find me here and here).  Lulu and Georgia caters to the fashion forward, trend driven consumer.  This retailer has well made furniture and on trend accessories.  They have recently partnered with two designers that I absolutely love:  Kelly Hoppen and Jonathan Adler.

These two designers are supremely talented; yet, their aesthetics could not be more different.  Both designers have greatly influenced me and helped shape who I am as a designer.  Kelly Hoppen taught me the importance of texture and balance, and Jonathan Adler taught me how to weave color stories into my spaces through the use of fabric.

Kelly Hoppen is a self-taught designer whose designs posses a far east influence.  She favors large scale furniture pieces in organic materials using a neutral palette.  Her furniture is masculine; however, the materials and color palette are lush, very tactile and decidedly feminine.

In contrast, Jonathan Adler is all about the drama.  He started his career in ceramics as a pottery designer.  His designs are bold, colorful and full of whimsy.  He uses a lot of vinyls, Lucite, ceramics (naturally) and tons of color.

Below, are a couple of my favorite rooms by both designers:

Below, are some pieces from each designer’s line for Lulu and Georgia:

black accent table, cocktail table, chair, wood side table, stool

And………if that wasn’t enough, here are some more great pieces:

Chair, chandelier, chaise

Not everyone can afford to use a designer.  There is no doubt that it is a luxury service.  North Of Chic was born out of the desire to inspire, inform and guide all those who love to look at, read about and create beautiful interiors, without having to hire a designer.  I love to share my vision and resources to help you on your design journey.

Using designer pieces is a great way to add high style to one’s room; however, copying a designer’s look robs one of his or her creativity and pride in creating a special space.  Although I have many designers I admire, I NEVER “copy” any of their looks.  Be unique in your approach. Ultimately, great design is creating a space that feels good to be in (for you).   Begin every design concept by asking yourself, “how would I like this space to feel?”.  The design will flow from that feeling.



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