Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Full-Service Interior Design?

Full-service interior design consists of three major phases:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Purchasing and Implementation

My full-service approach enables me to manage projects from initial concept to completion, designing your home down to the final detail. It is my job to take care of the major and minor design details that turn a house into a home.

How long does conceptual design phase take?

The Conceptual Design Phase takes approximately four weeks. This is where my team and I assess the current project space, take measurements and photos, and document any items that will be staying. We will also conduct “Trade Day” at your home to consult with our trades and vendors on site to review the project concepts and take detailed measurements in order to receive accurate quotes.

Conceptual Design deliverables includes the following:

  • Floor plan(s)
  • Inspiration board(s)
  • Limited Initial selections
  • Updated budget for approval

During this phase, we will confirm the design direction, layout, and budget of the project, with one revision offered. The one allowed revision will add time onto this phase depending on the scale of the revision.

How long does detailed design phase take?

The Detailed Design Phase takes approximately three weeks. This is where we present the selection of each item according to design direction, budget, and floor plan(s). We will also finalize the approved floor plan(s) with actual selections.

Detailed Design deliverables:

  • Any custom piece drawings as needed
  • Presentation preparation to communicate the design
  • Inspiration board(s)
  • Floor plan(s), elevation(s), and relevant custom drawings
  • Proposal of each item for your approval, with all details to confirm orders and the coordinating samples
  • Budget updated with actual costs.

How long does the purchasing and implementation phase take?

The Purchasing and Implementation Phase is time dependent on scope of project and the contractor’s schedule. This is where we place orders, assess delivery times, complete the purchase of goods and oversee and project manage construction timeline and installations. We will also provide site checks for project accuracy.

We provide turnkey furniture installation, which means that all of the furnishings are delivered at one time, once any construction is complete. We style and accessorize your home and photograph the completed project where applicable. This is also the phase where we gather a “punch list” to identify and resolve any items that need to be addressed.

How do you handle purchasing?

All purchasing and execution goes through Laurie DiGiacomo Interiors.

Your purchase of interior design items (i.e. furniture, tile, fixtures, fabrics and other design materials) through us will serve as payment for our services during the Purchasing and Implementation Phase.

This is a process that I have refined over 13 years that allows us to negotiate the best prices for our clients while also ensuring that the best quality products are procured and delivered. It is a model that I do not deviate from. I do not offer lower cost options in design presentations, as I find that when we try to find “knock off” items, it dilutes and cheapens the overall design. Incorporating things that are interchangeable does not allow us to develop layered, thoughtful, and detailed designs. This is why the initial budget set in the beginning is so important; it ensures the elevated and refined style that one expects when working with our firm is delivered on every project. I do however, offer concept revisions (see conceptual design phase above).

Full-service interior design incorporates to-the-trade pieces purchased through Laurie DiGiacomo Interiors. Although it may seem inconsequential to swap out a few items for less expensive options, but that isn’t how full-service interior design works. Our agreement is that we set a budget together, then furnishings are purchased through Laurie DiGiacomo Interiors. This is the business model that I have to stick to make my flat fees functional as a business.

Why do you require 100% purchasing fee upfront?

Once a custom order is placed, it is non-refundable.

I’ve had clients go through tough times that pulled them away from the project. While it is completely understandable that someone dealing with a personal crisis can’t focus on the design project, the custom orders already set into motion cannot be paused or cancelled, which means production will conclude and balances will be due. Our vendors will not ship until they are paid in full.

Can you recommend a contractor/tradesperson?

There’s no need for you to sift through interviewing contractors and hoping that the team you put together gets along.

My greatest resource is my team of vendors, craftspeople, artisans, installers, and contractors. I manage the entire design and renovation process; from conceiving the design, to project managing the renovation, down to placing the last pillow. This assures that our design is executed with the utmost quality and efficiency.

Our team is extremely talented. You’ll see.

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