Every once in a while an opportunity arises that allows me to use my talents altruistically.  At some point we all ruminate on our legacy, hoping to be able to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.   I feel that all things whose purpose is to lift up others, is truly valuable.

Wisteria is partnering with Dwell With Dignity, which is an organization that helps families escape poverty and homelessness by bringing good design into the lives of those less fortunate.  Their philosophy is so aligned with my feelings about design, that I could have written it myself; it is the belief that one’s environment changes one’s outlook on life.  Amen to that!

Wisteria is hosting a contest with design bloggers to design a space using only pieces from Wisteria.  The prize is collaborating on a piece of furniture or décor, where 20% of the proceeds goes to Dwell With Dignity to help those in need.

Wisteria has such an interesting and eclectic aesthetic.  They carry really unique pieces that feel special; pieces that feel like you found them while traveling to the most fabulous and exotic places.

Above, is the mood board I submitted.  My inspiration was the French Riviera.  In my mind, this board represents a pied-a-terre where its sagacious, worldly, and captivating le resident spends her holiday.  A place where the floor to ceiling windows are always opened wide, casting rays across the warm, sun-bleached herringbone patterned wood floors.  The breeze circulates the soft scent of fresh cut jasmine throughout the apartment.  Truly joie de vivre!!

For the most part, I put rooms together instinctually.  However, I love to go back and dissect all of the relationships that each piece has to other elements.  Sometimes, the pieces relate through shapes, fabrics or materials; other times, it is through texture or spatial orientation.  There are definitely some “rules” I adhere to; but ultimately, a room needs to “feel” right to me.  After I finished designing this board, I counted 10 elemental relationships between the pieces I chose.  Do you see them?

I’d love to hear your feedback on my mood board.



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