Mix Patterns like a Pro! You don’t want to miss this one!!

Patterns add interest to a room.  When patterns are used successfully, it forces the eyes to move around the room.   However, getting patterns right can be tricky.  One can use too few patterns (like using the same pattern for pillows, drapes and rug), which can be too overwhelming; and one can also use too many patterns (a different pattern with little to no repetition), which can look chaotic and cause a room to lack cohesion.  In my opinion, the latter is a worse offense.  A good (safe) rule of thumb is to incorporate 3-5 patterns in a room.  Really though, when done right, the combinations are almost limitless!!

Below is a pattern board to illustrate some of the guidelines.


Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Choose a color scheme of at least 3 colors (one dominant and two accent)
  2. Play with the scale of each pattern.  Choose a pattern that is a large scale, medium scale, small scale and solid.
  3. Each pattern should have a color that connects each grouping.  If you look at my first grouping, navy is the common color in the first three pillows.  That group uses the navy to connect to pink, which connects the last two.  I take it up a notch in my middle grouping.  Pink connects the first two pillows in the group.  Then, the pink connects the minty blue to the next two pillows.  Finally, I use the minty blue in the herringbone pattern to connect a beigey gray to the last two pillows in the grouping.
  4. Have fun, don’t be afraid to make mistakes!  With the tips listed above, it will be very hard to get it wrong!

Getting patterns right takes practice.  However, once you master this concept, you will elevate your rooms to a whole new level.  I will definitely be expanding on this topic in future posts!!!

Let me know if you thought this post was helpful.  Also, I would love to hear what other topics you would like to see on my blog!!

xo Laurie