2016 Paint Color Trends!

Picking paint colors has always been the number one request I get as a designer.  People get very nervous committing to a color from 1×2 paint chip.  It is also nerve-wracking knowing that the same color can look very different in two different homes, during different times of the day or whether it is on sheet rock or plaster.  In addition, choosing a palette for one’s home where one room flows seamlessly to the next,  while having each room still maintain its own identity can be challenging.  One’s threshold for color also plays a role in what color one chooses.

Below are the color trend reports for 2016 from the three largest paint companies; Benjamin Moore, Behr and Sherwin Williams.

Below is the 2016 paint palette for Benjamin Moore:

The Benjamin Moore palette is my favorite of all three palettes.  I love the muted quality in this whole palette.   Most of these colors have gray and black undertones.  Also, the colors in the palette on the right share similar color values and intensity.  Therefore, it will be very easy to mix and match these colors.

Below is the 2016 paint palette for Behr:


Behr 2016 Paint Palette

Behr 2016 Paint Palette

The Behr palette has a very deep and moody tone to it.  I would use this palette in rooms that get a lot of natural light, or in rooms with very high ceilings.  I love the Charcoal Plum, Opus, Black Pearl, Pagoda and Fifth Olive-nue in this palette.

Here are Sherwin Williams’ Paint Trend Palettes for 2016:

My personal favorites are the entire Pura Vida Palette, as well as the Naval and Backdrop from the Nouveau Narrative palette.  I think Sherwin Williams was hedging their bets a bit by including just about every color under the sun this year 😉

All three palettes feature colors that are very muted and have gray and black undertones.  After many years of beige and gray, this is a very safe way to get people to dip their toe back in the “color pond”.

However, by far, the overwhelming consensus is that 2016 is White’s year to shine!!  White, and all of its shades is being touted at the “it’ color.  Benjamin Moore listed its Simply White as the Color Of The Year for 2016, and  Sherwin Williams listed Alabaster as their Color Of The Year for 2016

My interpretation of these color trend palettes is that people will keep their walls light and bright (think anything in the Pura Vida palette) and use the bolder colors as accents on walls, furniture, pillows and accessories.  I think bold colored painted furniture in hues of fuchsia, yellow and blue will be big for the next few years.

The pictures below illustrate the look of light bright walls with bold accents, beautifully.

2016 Color trends pic -cortinas-amarelas-1

Image via The Fab Guide

Image via Popsugar

Image via Popsugar

2016 Color Trends Maria Barros

Image via Maria Barros

Next up is paint color pairings for walls, accent walls, furniture and MORE!!!…….stay tuned!!!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations for future posts.

xo Laurie