Even though I do not celebrate Hanukkah, doesn’t mean that I can’t help those who do celebrate do so in style!  I admit that I do not know a lot about Hanukkah, including its traditions or cultural norms that influence the food or symbols for this holiday (even the spelling confuses me…..In my first draft I spelled Hanukkah with 2 n’s!).

My girlfriend was nice enough to invite me to my first Hanukkah last year.  Potato Latkes were amazing…..I even stole one of her recipe and served it on Christmas!! Not sure if that was kosher, but people loved it (notice my use of Jewish slang? 🙂

Christmas has its traditional colors of red, green, gold and silver.  However, using the traditional symbols of trees, wreaths, reindeer, Santa etc….allows for more freedom in color schemes (see post from 12/1 for more on this).   I’m not sure if this is also the case for Hanukkah, so I stuck with the traditional colors of blue, white, silver and gold.  I would love to hear if there are other colors that are used for this holiday.

I hope I was able to provide some inspiration and ideas to make decorating for the holidays a little less stressful.  I will rely on my Jewish peeps to let me know if I’ve strayed off course in some way.





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