The holidays are such a magical time! The holiday spirit hangs thick in the air.  Excitement  builds with each box of decorations we open.  It’s a time spent gathering and enjoying one’s family, and creating new memories with the ones we love.  It is a whirlwind of party hopping and meeting friends over a few cocktails.  However, at the end of the day, there is nothing better than pouring a glass of wine, or warming up a cup of hot chocolate and sitting in a dimmed room with twinkling lights.

The holidays channel one’s inner child and remind us of holidays past.  Does the Christmas tree above resemble your childhood tree?  Oh, the tinsel we consumed back in the day!!!  How I loved those shiny, static inducing silvery strands!! We threw fistfuls all over our tree; the more the better!! The joy would continue as we found rogue strands months later stuck on the back of the couch, or curled around the rotating bristles of the vacuum cleaner that required hours of wrestling to remove.

Around the same time that we realized that Fannie packs and scrunchies were no longer cool, tinsel became a major holiday faux pas.  If your tree still looks like the one above, this post is definitely for YOU!!

Below I created a collection of elegant, yet festive color palettes for your holiday look.  Metallics act as a neutral; I like to weave them into my rooms (all year round).  They add such a beautiful light reflective element that really makes a room come alive.  I created a blush color scheme,  green scheme, red scheme, and a blue-green color scheme (which can easily be made into a chic nautical holiday theme).

Now that we are all grown up, we crave a tree that looks elegant, yet festive, and current, yet timeless.  Experiment with colors and textures.  Have fun with it!   It is my hope that I am able to help you in creating a beautiful atmosphere that adds to the magic of the holidays!



I will will be posting how to host a fun and unique holiday soirée………stay tuned!!!


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