People usually have an affinity for silver or gold.  Even when choosing jewelry, people usually favor one metal over the other.  In the past few years gold has made a major comeback!  Although, recently I have seen a lot of mixed metals used in home decor (rose gold is having a moment as well).

I love mixing silver and gold.  I think mixing metals adds depth, as well as versatility to a room. However, there are some basic guidelines to creating this look successfully.  In the rendering below, I started with a fairly neutral palette of cream, black, beige & gray.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. keep the finish of each of the metals the same.  If you are using a brushed gold, pair it will a brushed nickel.
  2. repeat the metals throughout the room.  In this rendering I repeated the silver on the cocktail table and light fixture, and the gold on the end tables, lamps, accent pillow and bar cart.
  3. choose one metal to play a more prominent role in the room (I chose gold for this rendering).


This topic is one that I get asked about all the time.  It is also one that people say they feel most intimidated trying.  This will definitely be a reoccurring theme for posts in the future.  I will post using different color schemes that you can follow as you become more comfortable mixing metals.

I’d love to know what you think of this post, or what questions you have related to this topic (or any other).  Thanks for reading!

xo Laurie

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