Paint palette and colours significance in interior design

Paint palette and colours significance in interior design

While remodelling your house, colours play a very important role. They can make or break the interior design of your house and are one of the most difficult things to get right in the first go.

Most people ask the interior designers that how do they get the colours, right? How do they decide which colours should go on the walls of the kitchen and which ones are for the walls of the living room? While some interior designers chuckle or others shrug the question off, We at LaurieDigiaComo believe that the design of the interiors of someone’s house is entirely dependent on their demeanour – Their taste and preference flow through the design of the interiors of their house.

For example –

  • Most people know that blue is the colour that brings calm & will look good on the walls of the living room. 
  • If you have a coastal theme house, then having black walls might not be very helpful. In fact, for such a house, coral colours like blue or turquoise might suit better. 

Our designers believe that along with the knowledge of colour significance, its synchronization with the theme is also necessary. While choosing the colours, we envision the final product and ensure that the colours are in complete tune with each other – Even if you are using contrasting colours, they must complement each other and not come across as odd. 

We will help you gather samples of fabrics and paints in order to examine them together to find out if your colour scheme works well for your place. This is why our designers create design boards, for instances when you imagine that a colour scheme will work or not, and it’s possible to change your mind when you actually see the fabrics and colours together. This practice helps you prevent expensive mistakes and avoid regrets. 

If you are looking for a shore house interior designer, we can surely help you with that. You can contact our shore house interior designer through the given contact info on our website. We would love to help you out.  

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