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Get professional design services without ever leaving your home.  A 100% online, virtually designed room for a fraction of the price of traditional design services.

If you are seeking a gorgeous, professionally designed look for your home but might not have the resources for luxury design, then our DIY online design service is perfect for you. Get professional design services from the best online interior designers without ever leaving your home. A 100% online, virtually designed room for a fraction of the price of full service design.

With our range of online interior design services, you will never be disappointed as we have the best team of designers to help meet your interior design needs.

DIY Online Design Package

Includes a custom floor plan, color concept board, detailed furniture specifications and a personalized and detailed shopping list along with instructions on how to put your room together. Partnering with us on your DIY project will ensure that you don’t waste time (or, money) doing it all wrong. Whether it’s furnishing a space, refinishing or building something, finalizing accessories or selecting materials like flooring or fixtures, we’re here to be your design “partner-in-crime” to make sure everything goes smoothy!

Our Basic DIY Design Package provides a conceptual plan for you to use as a “recipe” to pull together a beautiful and cohesive space on your own. This package allows you to enter into a “light” version of our exclusive Luxury Full Service Design, providing you with the core foundational elements necessary to create that dream look you’re after. Our DIY online interior design services are perfect for the client who wants to add function and style to their home. Our team of designers are talented, passionate and strive to personalize your home so it is a reflection of you and a space you love to be in. The process is easy, streamlined and takes all of the guesswork and uncertainty out of the design process.

We provide you with a customized floor plan according to the size and dimensions of your space, as well as a list of furniture specifications and a shopping list that is curated in keeping your tastes and preferences in mind. The shopping list and directions are extremely precise and detailed so that you know exactly what you need and where to put it to pull your gorgeous new room together.

Our DIY online interior design services allow our clients to communicate directly with us to ensure that we are supporting you in any way we can and in every step of the process. We always aim for the highest level of customer service. Our team will bundle up an actual tangible package that we will mail or deliver to you when your DIY Design Plan is complete. We do this because we want you to experience “reveal” of the design while in your own home. We will also send you a digital copy upon receipt of the mailed bundle.


Furniture Layout

Includes a custom floor plan and detailed instructions of how to arrange your furniture in your space. If you are looking to purchase a new piece of furniture, we include exact specifications for that new piece.

The furniture layout package is for those who need help orienting furniture in their space. We help you with the placing of the furniture in your room based on the room and furniture dimensions to improve function, balance and flow. We can also give you the exact dimensions of furniture pieces you are looking to purchase to ensure that the pieces you choose are the perfect size and scale for your space. The plan includes a custom floor plan and set up instructions only.

Paint Palette

Includes a color concept board, and a personalized list of paint colors and finishes. If you are doing an accent wall, we include instructions on how to put your colors together.

Our Paint Palette package is another one of our online interior design services that we offer. The paint palette is for clients who struggle to pick the perfect neutral or the perfect bold color for an accent wall. We not only help you in picking the right colors, but will create a cohesive “color story” to complement your home’s overall aesthetic.

With our Paint Palette Package, you get personalized, thoughtfully chosen and perfectly coordinated paint colors for up to three rooms with a list of finishes. This includes two color revisions.

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