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A quick post on some trends I am seeing.  I predict GREEN is going to be the next “it” color!  With maximalism coming back in a big (but in a more restrained and edited way – which seems like an oxymoronic statement), you will see bold and saturated colors popping up in everything from furniture to rugs to accessories.  Color is back.

Love it or hate it, white appliances are coming back!  Since things never come back in quite the same way as before, this white will be more of a white glass vs a white plastic or white aluminum of years’ past.  It is actually quite nice.  According to my friends at Monogram appliances, white is where it’s at!

Lastly, with the return of color and my love all things Parisian, I couldn’t help but post on one of my favorite pastimes while in Paris; photographing all of the beautifully painted doors.  I hope this serves to inspire you as much as it did me 🙂


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Top Trends of 2018

January is one of my least favorite months.  It is long, cold and by the end of the month I am starting to realize that my zeal for achieving my resolutions is starting to wane :0  One of the only reasons I like January, is the excitement in seeing the new trends in home design.  Some people have an aversion to trends (even the word itself launches some into a soliloquy on how style should be timeless, blah blah  blah.  I have a blog post saved up just for this topic).

In the beginning of January everyone is throwing out his or her predictions for the new trends.  However, by the end of January, the Industry Influencers have spoken and the trends have been set.  Here are some of my favorite trends forecasted for 2018:


New Year, New Trends


I love abstract anything!  I love when it is left to the individual to interpret what he or she is seeing; I feel that it makes an object more interesting.  This is how I feel about abstract floral prints.  The subject is timeless, but its expression is more modern.  This is why pairing an abstract floral with geometric patterns look so rich.


Using vintage items in a more modern space will be all the rage for 2018.  This has been one of my favorite and most satisfying additions in my projects with clients.  Using vintage elements takes the “newness” out of a recently redesigned room.  It gives the room a more curated feel, as if the room unfolded over time.  I LOVE this vintage Parisian Salon Mirror from Wisteria.  It adds the perfect dose of history and glamour to this dining room.



Fall 2017 was all about the jewel-tones and rich velvet.  2018 is calling for a “palette cleanser” of whites.  White painted rooms are by far one of the hardest to get right, but when done right, they take a room to a whole new level!  There are so many undertones to white that choosing the best white for your room is based on SO MANY factors:  the direction the room faces, the tones of other elements in the room, light sources in the room, etc…. Enlisting an expert really is key to getting this color done right!  Here are some of my favorite white paint colors:


Like the addition of vintage elements, you will see a lot of curvy furniture in 2018!  We have had a long run of minimalist decor.  Modern Farmhouse is a trend with very square edges and clean lines; a very no frills look.  Love it or hate it, this trend is on the decline.  Curvy, more ornate furniture will be big for 2018.  The KEY to getting this look right, is using only ONE piece in a room.  Using more than this, will put you over into the “overly traditional” category.  If that’s your thing, great; otherwise, stick with using just one piece of furniture in this style.


Hallelujah to the end of the stainless trend!  While I think stainless appliances were a nice addition to kitchen design, like granite counters, they have had their run!  It is time to add color and different finishes to kitchen appliances!

This GORGEOUS Le Cornue stove is such a work of art!  The black finish and mixed metals are so stunning and such a statement piece, that I can’t imagine this stove ever going out of style!  Since I think mixing appliance materials is a definite “design-do” (limit to a max of two finishes) I think having all stainless or all black appliances and mixing in a stove like this would be beyond stunning!


Gold metal has been big for the last 5 years.  Industry Influencers have predicted that it will continue to be “the metal” for another 10 years.  I still have a lot of clients that are hesitant to embrace this trend.  However, the clients that have made the leap have never turned back!  Gold gives a warmth and richness that chrome just can’t achieve!  While I like chrome, it conveys a completely different look.  Builders are still using chrome for their spec houses (and a lot are still using granite :0 )

If you are going to choose a metal, choose gold or brass.  If you are still unsure, at least choose pieces that are mixed metal pieces.  For a few years now, mixing metals in kitchens and bathrooms has been popular.  I love the way it looks to mix!  You won’t regret choosing gold or brass over chrome.

I hope you enjoyed my trend forecast for 2018.  Let me know if there are any trends I’ve missed.



The Home Design Trends That Will Be OVER In 2017

Every few years a major paradigm shift occurs in design;  2017 will be one of those years.  There are so many factors that foster these shifts.  See my post here from the beginning of the year where I delve into some of these reasons.  For the past few years design has favored a neutral palette, organic elements and open concept living.  A cleaner more minimalist style has been the trend.  Less will still be more in 2017;  I don’t think we will ever go back to the “let me cover/fill every surface in my home” again. However, 2017 will bring new materials, richer colors and a more personal approach to designing one’s home.

What WILL be OVER are:

Moroccan Prints: 

This print has had a pretty good run.  This pattern was able to cross style boundaries popping up in traditional, modern and everything in between.  I love this print, it is a soft geometric that lends itself to many applications.  The problem is that it was WAY TOO OVERDONE!  We now have Moroccan print fatigue.  I can’t bear to use this fabric anymore.

If you are not ready to let this pattern go, try an ikat version of this print for a more updated look.

Image via Etsy

Image via Etsy



This pattern dating back to the 60’s re-emerged in the more modern realm of design a few years ago.  It has since crept into every sect of the design world.  The traditional version of this pattern will be zigzagging itself out of decor next year.  Like its Moroccan print soul-sister, it too has been over used.


If you REALLY love Chevron, below is an updated version that looks more current.

The new Chevron -Image via Residents Understood

The new Chevron -Image via Residents Understood

If you have either of these prints in your home, I wouldn’t toss them.  However, I would not recommend purchasing anything new (especially upholstered or custom pieces) in these prints.


We are going to see a lot more new textures than new patterns in the upcoming year.  Some other trends that will be HUGE in 2017 are:

  1. Marble

Beside the obvious marble counter top, marble is now popping up in decor elements and decorative object and lamps.

marble tray (20%off use code MERRY), Lamp, Bookends

2.  Cork

This organic material will be HUGE for 2017!  Everything from entire cork walls, to cork flooring.

Cork Wallpaper, Drum Lighting,

3.  Jewel Tones

Cream, blush and gray monopolized much of 2016.  2017 will make way for deeper richer colors such as amethyst and sapphire. However, I think emerald-green will be the star in the new year.  I predict there will be rich colors done in rich textures such as velvet, tweed and linen.  If these rich tones make you nervous, try starting with one richly colored piece while keeping everything else more neutral.

I am loving this emerald-green sofa from Anthropologie.


sofa, arched headboard, dining chair

4.  Nailheads

I love this metal detail!  It elevates everything it adorns, making ordinary pieces look special.  EVERYTHING looks better with nailheads… exceptions!!!

This side table from Better Homes and Garden is a major steal!

side table, Chest, mirror

I am looking forward to what the new year will bring.  In future posts, I will discuss some of the other major design movements and trends that are emerging.  Let me know what topics you would like to hear more about, or post any feedback on this topic.



How To Have A CHIC Home Instantly…….ONLY 3 Items Needed!!

It is usually the small things in the right places that give one that extra touch of style and chicness.  It is the string of pearls, the diamond studs, the addition of truffle oil or champagne, that will take things from good to great. Every so often our home needs the same boost.

There are really only a handful of items that can immediately up the chic factor of any space.  When a small but impactful update is in order, these three items will be all you need!


Veanne Bar Cart, Misha Bar Cart, Jacques Bar Cart, Vince Bar Cart, Gerard Bar Cart

Check out this chic outdoor bar cart

Horchow Tamsin Chinoiserie Bar Cart $795

Horchow Tamsin Chinoiserie Bar Cart $795

This bar cart is my favorite; it is stocked, styled and ready to go!

Image Via Elle Decor -Nicole Gibbons

Image Via Elle Decor -Nicole Gibbons


People usually think to add unique lighting in the kitchen.  However, I feel that pendant lights and chandeliers make an even bigger impact in more unexpected areas like the living room or hallway. Here are a few that have major style.

 Roxbury Pendant, Crystal Drop Pendant, Lucia Semi Flush Mount, Olive Leaf Pendant

Image via Coastal Style

Image via Coastal Style

Don’t have an electrician on speed dial?  Here are some table lamps that will also do the trick.

Lamps I Love:

Madison Crystal Lamp, Ripley Geometric Lamp, Diamond Omega Table Lamp, Alexis Lamp, Loring Table Lamp


I love the use of mirrors for so many reasons.  They are the design equivalent of Houdini.  They can give the illusion that a space is larger, ceilings are taller, rooms are brighter and make a space look as though there are more windows than there actually are.  Without a doubt, mirrors are a designer’s best and most used tool.

Petal Mirror, Frederick Wall Mirror, Evie Geo Mirror, Cassia Mirror, Studded Mirror

My favorite:

Quatrefoil Mirror $347

Quatrefoil Mirror $347

These mirrors below not only make a statement, they serve to balance out a wall with a single window!

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Napoleon Hill said “If you can not do great things, then do small things in a great way”.  I hope this post inspires you to the make small, impactful additions that will elevate and revitalize your home.

Thanks for reading!

XO Laurie

7 of the BEST Home Design Trends For 2016

Home design trends are usually born from social or economic events or movements.  It was no coincidence (or surprise) that a more modern, clean and clutter free trend arose shortly after the economic crisis of 2008.  Some trends are fleeting (faux paint treatments and laminate floors), while others have more longevity (kitchen islands, dark stained floors & stainless steel appliances).

Traditional decor with skirted sofas, hunter green and bouillon fringe are long gone.  Traditional style has moved to a more streamlined and less fussy look.  That trend seems here to stay.

In recent years transitional design has been the ‘belle of the ball’.  Transitional design merges modern and traditional design.  This look appeals to those who want a cleaner, fresher look that still maintains a timeless quality.

Kitchen design is having a major moment in design this year.  Three of the top seven trends for 2016 are kitchen trends. Kitchens play a large role in the value of one’s home, so making this room a show stopper translates into a higher asking price (I’m sure my realtor friends can chime in on this topic).

Here are are the best trends for 2016 that will be here to stay:

  1. Mixed Material Kitchens –  Using different color cabinetry for perimeter cabinets and islands is not a new trend.  However, in 2016 there will be a lot more painted cabinetry in soft shades of blue, gray and  beige on perimeter cabinets with either a wood tone island, painted island in a complimentary color or a more rustic or industrial material.

The soft gray base cabinets ground this kitchen. The white upper cabinets look fresh and bright in this traditional kitchen.

2016 mixed cabinet kitchen 3

Gray perimeter cabinets provide a soft back drop. The dark stained island serves as the anchor in this transitional kitchen.

Kitchen Trends 2016

This soft color palette of white perimeter cabinets with a light gray island looks clean, airy and fresh in this transitional kitchen.

2.  No Upper Cabinetry – A trend that is emerging is the look of a more open kitchen.  These kitchens have very few, if any upper cabinetry.  I love the second look that has a row of windows above the counter tops.

Kitchen Trends 2016

No upper cabinets in this kitchen creates an open airy feel.


Kitchen Trends 2016

Love this look of having the windows right above the counters!

3. Black Stainless Steel Appliances – Stainless steel has pretty much taken over the look in appliances for quite a few years now.  It lends a professional look and adds just enough sparkle to the kitchen.  For 2016, black stainless steel is very on trend.  Although these appliances boast fingerprint-less design, they carry a pretty hefty price tag.

Kenmore black stainless steel fridge-Kitchen Trends 2016

Kenmore black stainless steel fridge

Kitchen Aid Black Stainless Steel Stove-Kitchen Trends 2016

Kitchen Aid Black Stainless Steel Stove

4.  Return of the Formal Dining Room –  Both Elle Decor and Houzz agree that people are no longer turning their dining rooms into home offices or media rooms.  People are ready to sit in a beautiful space to eat and reconnect with friends and family.

Interior Design Trends 2016

Everything from the geometric ceiling molding, to the monogrammed linen chairs is perfect. The proportions are spot on!!

Interior Design Trends 2016

5.  Outdoor Fabrics For Indoor Use – It seems as though we want to live in a beautiful and stylish space in 2016 without having to worry about keeping everything pristine.  This trend is great for creating a beautiful room that can withstand wear and tear from children and pets.

Interior Design Trends 2016 North of Chic6.  Statement Fireplaces – Every room needs a focal point.  Fireplaces create presence.  Below is a picture of my living room with a two sided fireplaces that leads into the dining room.  I placed it at eye level so it can be enjoyed from any seat in either room.



Statement Fireplaces-Design Trends 20167.  Bathrooms That Feel Like Living Spaces –  Adding seating or other furniture to relax on creates a spa-like atmosphere in a Master Bath.

Interior Design Trends 2016

A white narrow upholstered chair, furniture style vanity and hide rug create a chic Master Bathroom.

Interior Design Trends 2016

The dual frosted glass shower doors and blush upholstered chair lend a spa-like feel to this Master Bath.

Many trends have emerged in the last few years.  Already the list of trends that are no longer “in” is long.  Some of these are kitchen desks, whirlpool tubs, over the stove microwave ovens and the “keep calm and _____” signs (that should have never been “in” in the first place).

I am here to help you navigate through the trends in design.  As with any trend, ultimately you have to do what feels right for you.  Surround yourself with what you love and find appealing.  Let me know which trends for 2016 you like, or if there are any trends I’ve missed.

Next up is Paint Trends for 2016…..STAY TUNED!!

Xo Laurie