Black Friday Favorites

I have to admit that I have never been one to go out at 3:00 a.m for a Black Friday deal.  I can’t remember EVER going out to shop on Black Friday.  Unless Chanel is having a sale, there is nothing I’ve wanted to buy that warranted me getting out of bed at an un-Godly hour to wait in line and fight through crowds in order to save $50 or $100.  I shop almost everyday of my life; I love to shop.  Like most people, I love a good sale.  However, I like to be more civilized about my approach to shopping; specifically, on Black Friday.   This basically means that I’d prefer to stay at home in my PJs and shop for great deals.  Of course, retailers found a way to accommodate those of us who feel this way.  SInce I consider you a part of my tribe, I’ve researched and compiled the most amazing and noteworthy sales for Black Friday.  I want you to be able take advantage of all of the great deals without falling into the Black Friday abyss!

Here are my best picks for you:

HOUZZ – Houzz is a great resource; however, Houzz can be overwhelming.  Most times I don’t need 40,000 options for a cocktail table.  I’ve mined this site for some of the best Black Friday deals I could find.  Their code seems to be automatic at checkout at this time, but I will let you know if this changes.


chair, Stool, side table, navy chair, rug, Egg Chair, 

CRATE & BARREL – It is rare that this retailer has a store wide sale; therefore, giving 15% off on all full-price items is kind of a big deal.  C & B is offering 40% off select furniture.  Use code SAVE15 for most items.  Here are some of my favorites:

mirror, floor lamp, sofa, chair

WISTERIA – Save 25% – use code HOLLYJOLLY

stool, lamp, cocktail table, wall art, floral wall art, acrylic side table

BED BATH & BEYOND: This is not the store it was even two years ago!!  This store has undergone HUGE changes!  They have purchased stores such as Chef Central and World Market, thus, upping their “street cred” in the many areas of home decor.  There is definitely a future post in the works on this retailer!  While shopping for clients’ holiday decor, this was definitely a retailer that I found great deals at and found myself visiting weekly!  For Black Friday, they are offering 25% off using code: Save 25%.

Here are some of my favorite items:

Casual dinnerware:

Ombre dinnerware, blue dinnerware, Mixed pattern dinnerware 

Fine China:

Organic shaped chinaMadison China, Richmont Road China


Hammered flatware, dot flatware, gold flatware

I wish you and your loved ones a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!  It goes without saying, that people are much more important than things.  However, should you need additional items to accommodate your loved ones this holiday season, I have you covered!

Please let me know if I’ve missed any noteworthy Black Friday deals!

All the best,



Winter White Done Right!

In Winter we seem to crave comfort and warmth.  Thoughts of steamy soup, creamy hot chocolate and crackling fires pervade our thoughts.  Creating a cozy atmosphere at home during the colder months feels primal.  A Winter white palette is one of my favorite Winter palettes to use.  It looks clean and sophisticated, yet relaxed and warm.  The key to successfully achieving this look is texture.  Using as many tactile materials as possible is really important in getting this look right.  A sister color scheme to the Winter white palette is the all-white color scheme.  Contrary to its moniker, not every single element needs to be pure white.  It is aloud (and necessary) to mix in varied shades of white, such as a very light gray and very light beige to achieve this look.

Below, I put together a Sample Board to show you how these elements work together.

I used a soft white area rug with a thin black zigzag pattern to ground the look.  The other elements are a linen sofa, cable throw and pillow, a white and gold canvas, a concrete cocktail table, white lacquered end table and console table and a Capiz mirror.  I relied on many textures such as shiny, fuzzy, sleek and matte to achieve this look.

Below, are some more elements that can be used to achieve this look.


Here are some rooms that I love.  These rooms beautifully illustrate this look:


Monika Hibbs All White Living Room

Monika Hibbs: All White Living Room

This designer used bleached woods, and linen slip covers to achieve a relaxed all white living room.

This second living room is designed by Victoria Hagan, and successfully pulls off the all-white scheme:

Victoria Hagan White Living Room

Victoria Hagan White Living Room

So, a few tips to pulling off this look:

  • incorporate as much texture as you can.  Fluffy pillows, animal skins such as lizard, shagreen and croc, bleached woods and Capiz shells are all great materials to use.  Materials that are rough, smooth, bumpy, matte and shiny add even more depth to your room.
  • Play with tone.  Use as many shades of white as you can.  Try ivory, grayish-white, cream, bright white, eggshell, linen white etc…There are over 1,000 shades of white, so the options are almost endless.
  • Add patterns in light gray and light beige to break up large expanses of white.  Pattern adds visual interest.
  • Choose a rug with some type of pattern (keep the color scheme light).  The rug is almost always the visual anchor in an all-white room.
  • incorporate metals to add depth.  I like to use gold with white.

Another look I love is the all-white palette for an entire home.  This is an extremely hard look to pull off; it is easy to wind up with a bland and sterile looking home.  As with the rooms above, texture (and pattern) are the key.  I smell a future post 🙂

Here is a no fail paint palette that you can use when creating an all white home.  I love painting every room a different shade of white.  The layered look it creates when you are looking from one room to the next looks very sophisticated.  The walls are an incredible backdrop to just about anything you put on them.

White Paint Palette

White Paint Palette

Let me know what you think of the all-white color scheme.  Have you successfully achieved this look in your home?  I would love to hear your tips or see a picture.

I will be posting on how to achieve a beautiful all -white scheme for your entire house.  Some other topics I plan on posting on this year are tile, art & window treatments. Let me know what topics you are interested in reading about.

xo Laurie