7 of the BEST Home Design Trends For 2016

Home design trends are usually born from social or economic events or movements.  It was no coincidence (or surprise) that a more modern, clean and clutter free trend arose shortly after the economic crisis of 2008.  Some trends are fleeting (faux paint treatments and laminate floors), while others have more longevity (kitchen islands, dark stained floors & stainless steel appliances).

Traditional decor with skirted sofas, hunter green and bouillon fringe are long gone.  Traditional style has moved to a more streamlined and less fussy look.  That trend seems here to stay.

In recent years transitional design has been the ‘belle of the ball’.  Transitional design merges modern and traditional design.  This look appeals to those who want a cleaner, fresher look that still maintains a timeless quality.

Kitchen design is having a major moment in design this year.  Three of the top seven trends for 2016 are kitchen trends. Kitchens play a large role in the value of one’s home, so making this room a show stopper translates into a higher asking price (I’m sure my realtor friends can chime in on this topic).

Here are are the best trends for 2016 that will be here to stay:

  1. Mixed Material Kitchens –  Using different color cabinetry for perimeter cabinets and islands is not a new trend.  However, in 2016 there will be a lot more painted cabinetry in soft shades of blue, gray and  beige on perimeter cabinets with either a wood tone island, painted island in a complimentary color or a more rustic or industrial material.

The soft gray base cabinets ground this kitchen. The white upper cabinets look fresh and bright in this traditional kitchen.

2016 mixed cabinet kitchen 3

Gray perimeter cabinets provide a soft back drop. The dark stained island serves as the anchor in this transitional kitchen.

Kitchen Trends 2016

This soft color palette of white perimeter cabinets with a light gray island looks clean, airy and fresh in this transitional kitchen.

2.  No Upper Cabinetry – A trend that is emerging is the look of a more open kitchen.  These kitchens have very few, if any upper cabinetry.  I love the second look that has a row of windows above the counter tops.

Kitchen Trends 2016

No upper cabinets in this kitchen creates an open airy feel.


Kitchen Trends 2016

Love this look of having the windows right above the counters!

3. Black Stainless Steel Appliances – Stainless steel has pretty much taken over the look in appliances for quite a few years now.  It lends a professional look and adds just enough sparkle to the kitchen.  For 2016, black stainless steel is very on trend.  Although these appliances boast fingerprint-less design, they carry a pretty hefty price tag.

Kenmore black stainless steel fridge-Kitchen Trends 2016

Kenmore black stainless steel fridge

Kitchen Aid Black Stainless Steel Stove-Kitchen Trends 2016

Kitchen Aid Black Stainless Steel Stove

4.  Return of the Formal Dining Room –  Both Elle Decor and Houzz agree that people are no longer turning their dining rooms into home offices or media rooms.  People are ready to sit in a beautiful space to eat and reconnect with friends and family.

Interior Design Trends 2016

Everything from the geometric ceiling molding, to the monogrammed linen chairs is perfect. The proportions are spot on!!

Interior Design Trends 2016

5.  Outdoor Fabrics For Indoor Use – It seems as though we want to live in a beautiful and stylish space in 2016 without having to worry about keeping everything pristine.  This trend is great for creating a beautiful room that can withstand wear and tear from children and pets.

Interior Design Trends 2016 North of Chic6.  Statement Fireplaces – Every room needs a focal point.  Fireplaces create presence.  Below is a picture of my living room with a two sided fireplaces that leads into the dining room.  I placed it at eye level so it can be enjoyed from any seat in either room.



Statement Fireplaces-Design Trends 20167.  Bathrooms That Feel Like Living Spaces –  Adding seating or other furniture to relax on creates a spa-like atmosphere in a Master Bath.

Interior Design Trends 2016

A white narrow upholstered chair, furniture style vanity and hide rug create a chic Master Bathroom.

Interior Design Trends 2016

The dual frosted glass shower doors and blush upholstered chair lend a spa-like feel to this Master Bath.

Many trends have emerged in the last few years.  Already the list of trends that are no longer “in” is long.  Some of these are kitchen desks, whirlpool tubs, over the stove microwave ovens and the “keep calm and _____” signs (that should have never been “in” in the first place).

I am here to help you navigate through the trends in design.  As with any trend, ultimately you have to do what feels right for you.  Surround yourself with what you love and find appealing.  Let me know which trends for 2016 you like, or if there are any trends I’ve missed.

Next up is Paint Trends for 2016…..STAY TUNED!!

Xo Laurie